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The Launch

The planning is as complete as we like it to be when we start one of these trips. We have only one campground reservation so far, and that is in the Florida Keys, where you have to book 11 months in advance if you want any hope of having a place to stay.

We are departing Aylesford on Monday, March 7. The weather forecast is for decent weather all the way south of Washington DC, which was our major worry over the winter. There is absolutely no snow on the ground between here and there at this point, and none in the forecast. We will do the first three days in motels and we do not plan to camp until we are in Virginia and can slow down.


Day one will be 500 miles from home to Searsport Maine. Days 2 and 3 will involve about 700 miles of travel along the I-95 corridor past Boston, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore and all the little towns in between. The boler does not like being towed along at 75 mph on expressways, but this is the only logical way to go through this highly populated area. Once past Philly we will turn onto quieter roads along the shore.

Once onto the Delmarva Peninsula we will slow down and begin to enjoy the scenery, through Delaware, Maryland and into Virginia. We plan to stop for a couple of nights along the Chesapeake Bay and get the boler ready for almost continuous camping from that point on.

Our overall route will stay right along the ocean through to the tip of the Florida Keys and then along the Gulf Coast all the way to South Padre Island in Texas. After that we head along the Texas/Mexico border and into New Mexico and Arizona. We want a picture of the boler with the iconic sign in Vegas. We'll come back across the northern areas of Arizona and New Mexico before heading up into Colorado and ultimately into Wyoming.

From Wyoming we will head back to the Badlands of South Dakota and then meander back across the centre of the US, with a slight southward trend. We plan to go as far south as Arkansas and then turn and come back north along the Smokey mountains and the Adirondacks. Our final few weeks will be to explore the area we booted through on our way south in March...Stops are planned for Philadelphia, Boston and the Maine coast. Our health insurance expires on July 10 and we intend to return to Canada on that day.

The entire trip looks like 125 days, somewhere around 20,000 miles.

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