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The end of the road

Summarizing the trip and its early ending

There is no hindsight in our life on the road. What happens out there is just the way things go. We planned on 125 days and a final grand tour with both our boler trailer and its tow vehicle, the now scrapped 2006 Pontiac Torrent. Instead we got 39 days. As this is written on April 19, we are back at home in Nova Scotia.

The boler is sitting at Vinnie's Service Station in Chester, NY, where she will remain until her new owners pick her up and bring her back to Canada the first week of May. We will then pass title on to them and end our days of owning an iconic trailer. It has been our pleasure and honour to have owned her. It is now time to pass her on to Kerry and Marcella, and we hope they enjoy her every bit as much as we have.

We bought our 1976 model boler in May, 2011. She quickly got the name "Bollie" and we've done lots of small, and not so small improvements over our time with her. She has been on some epic trips with us and we figured out the other day that we have slept in her tight little confines for almost exactly 365 days in the 5 years we have owned her. She has been in 9 of 10 provinces, and 36 of the 48 states of the USA.

This is a picture of the boler and the Torrent back in the happy days of our coast-to-coast trip in 2014:


We had budgeted $100 US per day for our planned adventure, and up til the Torrent began to fail we had held pretty well to that cost per day. A few days were over, but not by much, and we bought some hot weather clothing once we got to Florida that wasn't in the plan, but we were doing pretty good budget wise. Today, if the trip had continued we would have been in New Orleans, heading onward towards South Padre Island.

Over the last 8 days of the trip, we blew through about $3000 in trying to get us and our vehicles home. We stayed in motels it for 6 straight nights and ate more restaurant meals as we beat our way up the interstates through Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania and onto that stretch of the I-84 where the Torrent finally gave up the chase. The flight home from NYC, the taxi to the airport all ate up what would have been travel money.

Once the Torrent started to fail, we had little alternative but to head back to Canada. If we bought a new car in the US, we would have had to return to Canada as our insurance company would only give us 14 days to get the car registered in Nova Scotia. No US insurance could cover us as we do not have a US address. So, in reality, our trip was doomed to end early.

We had a lovely time through the first 25 days, making stops all along the eastern seaboard of the US and our stay at Bahai Honda State Park in the Florida Keys was great. We spent a lovely night as the only campers in a small primitive campground in the Everglades, which turned out to be our last night camping in the boler.

Here is the final photo of our Pontiac Torrent:


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Sorry that your trip ended on that note. We spent last fall touring from our Vancouver Island home, to Quebec and Vermont before returning, with our Boler towed by a 2006 Subaru Outback. I am surprised that you were not able to buy a US vehicle to replace the Pontiac. I have purchased vehicles in a similar situation. In 2007, we bought a Chevy van in Arizona, while sailing in Mexico. We had no trouble getting insurance in Tucson for as long as we wanted, with the policy renewing every 30 days. The state supplied a temporary registration for about $10. We camped our way home to BC and later completed the registration of the car, in BC. I just made sure the car was eligible for import to Canada, and sent the export notification to the US border crossing 3 days before we crossed.

It was strange Dave, but at every point there was a blockage to us buying a car in the US, so we finally decided our best course was to just head for home. We could have gotten a temporary Florida plate, but our Canadian insurance company insisted we had to have it back in Canada and registered in Nova Scotia in 14 days. Both Geico and Allstate refused us coverage.

by David Alger

Sorry for your woes, What an adventure, hopefully you'll be able to have a few good chuckles over the memories "down the road". Cheers

by Dave

Thanks for sharing, sad that it's over.

by Debra

I'm glad that you made it home safely. I'm sad that you had troubles on the trip having to cut it short. Thank you for sharing your experience. Happy to hear that you have found new owners for Bollie. I'm sure they will have as much fun with it as you both have over the years.

by Bev

we're very happy to take ownership!we get a road trip to the States & familiarize ourselves with the "Bollie" on the way back!

It is really nice to have her stay in the Valley and with people we know so we can follow her travels. enjoy!

by Marcella

I've loved your blog as you seemed to hit on the really interesting highlights of each day! You will have another car and tow vehicle in the fullness of time, Toner! I am sad not to be "travelling" with you and Jenny any longer. Big love to you both...

Thanks Penni...no more towing for us. We are going to try other forms of camping travel, like booking cabins and yurts in National and State Parks.

by Penni

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